Digital money and digital payments via Blockchain technology

Evapay payment system is one of the best three financial worlds

You can get all possible benefits of the technology of the open Blockchain, digital currency and traditional currency which can be provided by Evapay anonymous payment system.

  • Evapay converts traditional currency into digital one.
  • Using Evapay system you can be completely confident in the security and transparency of all transactions.
  • Supported by Blockchain, Evapay ensures the security of world-class financial transactions and corresponds to international standards and regulations.

Advantages of traditional payment systems and innovation of Blockchain technologies.

Evapay payment system

Manage your own online finances

Evapay is a perspective payment system which gives an opportunity to receive payments quickly and conveniently using cards of different banks, refill balance and withdraw money in any convenient way for you, cost-effectively with no problems. Our clients have an advantage of refilling balance from any place of the world.

Bank cards and transfers, online banking, e-currencies are included in the service of Evapy. We offer internal money transfers with low interest which amounts only 0,5% and quick topping up of cards. And the thing we are mostly proud of is an elaborate security system which does not require from clients any complicated actions through account verification.

Evapay payment system and its possibilities

Send Money

You do not need to enter full payment details to send money to your friend or family members. All you need is an email of the recipient

Accept Payments

Would you like to see referral charges or transfers from your close people to your account immediately? The anonymous Evapay payment system makes it possible.

Request Payments

It is very easy to request a transfer from your relatives with the help of Evapay. The only thing you should do is to enter the person’s email.

Connect Stores

It has become more convenient to receive payments on the website or issue an invoice for goods or services with a regular basis using Evapay.

Evapay is the most reliable payment system

Evapay is an up-to-date view of traditional payments. The principles of an ordinary payment system are skillfully combined with blockchain technology. Basically, Evapay is not only an online payment system but also a platform which combines common payments through bank systems, cryptocurrency operations and e-payments. The key advantage against opponents is a developed set of modern payment tools.

Our company is a result of years long practical work in the field of financial service on the Internet and out of it. Evapay team has a great experience of dealing with electronic payment service, banks and financial transactions around the world as well as with cryptocurrencies. Our specialists in customer support work amazingly for 24 hours.

We work with payment cards Visa

Advantages of Evapay payment system

Any payments with Evapay system will be simple and convenient!

Having a long-term experience in financial area, our team have developed a set of payment tools which have the qualities and characteristics compatible with the most popular banking systems and even go better than them.

An anonymous payment system Evapay was developed to combine positive sides and achievements of all areas of e-commerce and also to avoid all detected disadvantages.

Evapay team developed a partner program in terms of which you will get 40% of the interest from new users you involve into the system. Thanks to the popularity of social networks you can just tell your friends and followers about Evapy and get income.

A convenient Merchant API contributes to a quick and resultative integrity of any application to Evapay system. It also makes the automation of sending payments and their receiving easier.

Evapay payment system is reliable and efficient!

Keep, send and receive digital currency from different exchange houses, platforms and wallets reliably and efficiently. Evapay payment system is

Unlimited financial possibilities

Reliable solutions for digital currency

Easy registration and verification

A full support of infrastructures

For us it is not important if you are a person who knows a lot about financial tendencies and wants freedom of action dealing with transactions. We create high quality service, convenience and promptness of transactions for Evapay clients.

Evapy is an anonymous system

Will give you an opportunity to get an access to immediate electronic payments in a convenient place from any gadget. We stick to the rules of security, promptness and decentralization.


In Evapay system personal information of clients is protected and all financial transactions are performed quickly and easily. A minimal interest for an immediate transaction and high level of security are the key ideas of our Corporate Policy. Now our clients can easily and safely deposit money into their account, receive a transfer or independently transfer a necessary sum into another account with several clicks.


Evapay clients send and receive money from any location. Our professional team can guarantee you the maximum speed of transactions and unbelievable level of protection. The security of financial transactions and a minimal interest for individual clients of the system are provided by an anonymous payment system Evapay. Any transaction including buying and selling, currency transfer and exchange are performed quickly and completely securely. Even registration is a quick and convenient process in Evapay system.


Our customers make transactions inside the system, send and receive money inside and outside their countries independently of currency or place of living. We guarantee the security of transactions allowing clients to control each movement of funds on their account for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from their smartphone, laptop or a tablet.

No limits with an anonymous Evapay payment system!

Our clients are not restricted by limitations of interbank systems as they have an access to all service of electronic payments of the world. They can transfer money to their relatives and friends from any country of the world in any available currency. The converting is performed with a minimal fee.

In addition to this, our clients can receive payments in any possible way. Payments in online stores can be convenient and available in any place of the world.