Your financial security is our main goal.


Stay calm, EVAPAY will thoroughly check your customers for your safety. The Antispam policy guarantees the security of your contact information.

Affiliate Program

Invite users to the system and get up to 40% of the fees they pay. Tell your audience about our payment system and get results.

For Developers

Merchant API will help you to easily organize the interaction of any application with the EVAPAY payment system, automate sending, receiving payments, etc.

Support service

Our operators will promptly help you in any situation. Using the ticket system, you can expect to get a professional answer to any question.


Send Money

Buy in online stores, send money to your friends and family. You just need to specify the recipient’s email address.

Accept Payments

Your wallet is credited with referral payments, transfers from relatives and colleagues, and any other payments as soon as they are sent.

Request Payments

To request funds from your relatives or other EVAPAY users, enter the email address of the person you want to receive the payment from

Connect Stores

A simple API will allow you to accept a payment on your website, as well as to issue an invoice to pay for goods or services with the periodicity you need

Increase Sales

Attract customers and improve conversions by offering a variety of payment methods. A wide range of payment options for a merchant

Payments worldwide

Develop your global business with a fast and reliable service for mass payments. Easily and quickly send money around the World

Online Banking

Deposit and withdraw funds from your EVAPAY account anywhere in the world. Check your balance online. Fully control your finances

Reduce Costs

The Evapay system eliminates intermediaries, and thus helps saving a considerable part of commission fees and charges

More modern approach to money

EVAPAY is based on the innovative Blockchain technology, and allows you to keep control over your money

We do not disclose your personal information

Unlike payments made by bank transfer or credit card, using the EVAPAY wallet does not imply the input of personal information. When paying, you need to specify only the e-mail address and password in the EVAPAY system, which excludes the risk of identity theft.

We prevent fraud

EVAPAY takes all necessary measures to protect personal data and ensure the financial security of its customers. We pay special attention to user verification and constantly monitor questionable transactions.

Access to your wallet is secure

EVAPAY offers a variety of account protection options, including the two-factor authentication (PIN codes are generated on the user’s mobile device or sent via SMS) and secret questions or restricted access to IP addresses.

Secure Network

All transactions are secure and safe

Quick Transactions

Transactions speed is almost instantaneous

Decentralized system

Direct payments without financial institutions