Frequently Asked Questions

EVAPAY applies the Blockchain technology through the Ethereum Protocol. The Ethereum Protocol is an open source software that interacts with blockchains to allow the issuance and repayment of cryptocurrency tokens. In our case this is EVAPAY. Currency rates of the EVAPAY Platform are 100% secured by real assets in the account currency on our reserve account. EVAPAY coins are subject to redemption and exchange in accordance with the terms and conditions of the EVAPAY service. The conversion rate is 1 USDE (1 USD). The EVAPAY Platform is fully reserved when the sum of all EVAPAY coins in circulation is higher or equal to the balance of foreign currencies stored in our reserve. Download the EVAPAY presentation for more detailed technical explanation of how the EVAPAY Platform works.
We support and secure reserves of the following currencies: US dollar, Euro and Russian ruble.
Ordinary users can pay for goods and services, transfer funds to their friends and acquaintances.
Freelancers can issue invoices for providing services in the currency that is convenient for the customer, and get payments in a convenient currency.
Companies can set up automatic invoicing for their customers. For example, for monthly payment for hosting, subscribing to information products, etc.
When organizing accounting, it is possible to organize bookkeeping and accounting of finances within the company, and to pay salaries to employees’ personal bank cards issued by the EVAPAY service.
You can also set up a payment schedule and send mass messages from your EVAPAY account to your users. Cryptocurrency exchanges can ensure their list of currencies with a sustainable USD, EUR or RUR token for exchange trading, whose rate corresponds to the USD, EUR or RUR rate and is fully secured by the reserves of the payment system.
EvaPay has no volatility because its rate is tied to real currencies and fully secured by reserves of national currencies such as USD, EUR, and RUR.
EvaPay is based on the latest and cryptographically reliable open Blockchain technology of the Ethereum protocol. It adheres to strict security requirements and global laws and regulations. All links to the fiat currency are on a one-to-one basis (for example, 1 USDE = 1 USD), and are secured by 100% of the actual assets in our reserve account. EvaPay tokens can be safely stored, sent and received through Blockchain, and they are repayable for cash (basic asset) in accordance with terms and conditions of the EvaPay service.
EVAPAY makes it possible to develop not only regional but also global business. This payment system provides a fast and reliable service for mass payments, and allows you to quickly and easily send money around the World.
The innovative Blockchain technology was used during the EVAPAY creation. It allows all users of this payment system to keep full control over their money at any time of the day or night.
The essence of the EVAPAY payment system is to convert cash into a digital currency at an equivalent rate, which is both convenient, and economically profitable. The cost of cryptocurrency is equal to the cost of the most convertible national currencies – US dollar, Euro, etc. The one-to-one rate is applicable to the EVAPAY payment system, including to the traditional currency – the Russian ruble stored in our reserves. 1 USDE is always 1 USD.
Of course, the verification process is provided in the system, but it is not a prerequisite. Verification is necessary only in difficult situations, when required. In other cases, you can use the platform without verification.