Multicurrency (multifunctional) Electronic (or Blockchain) wallet from Evapay - Security, Simplicity and Efficiency.
Fast transfers without delays and overpayments
Now you have an opportunity to quickly and efficiently create invoices and track the receipt of funds in real time. Customers who want to purchase a product or service will also find it absolutely easy to pay online. Evapay is an effective tool for bookkeeping and all business transactions, especially if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer.
Electronic (Blockchain) Wallet For Your Business
Now you can receive payments from Evapay customers all over the world, including payments from over 200 countries. Thanks to the API protocol integration with the web service, Evapay makes mass payments around the world and pays funds to customers using an electronic wallet or a bank account issued at any bank.
Easy Refill
With Evapay, there is always a way to top up your e-wallet quickly and conveniently, when it is needed the most - whether it is a bank card, digital currency, cash or crypto currency. We cooperate with cryptocurrency exchanges, various banks and exchange offices.
Convenient Use
Our client can have several currencies in one account at once, and internal transfers are faster than most crypto currency transactions.
Bonuses and gifts
The Evapay team also offers its customers a profitable affiliate program and an innovative security system. Become our partner and secure fast verification and full technical support.
Profitable Withdrawal of Money
We offer you the widest possible choice of payment cryptocurrencies, payment systems and aggregators. Evapay has the fastest payment processing and the lowest transaction fees.