Electronic payments and digital money with Evapay

You can do more with us! Unlimited payments, digital money quickly and conveniently.

  • You can offer your own service in different digital currencies.
  • Set prices for goods and service in the currency your customers are ready to work with.
  • Cut transaction expenses and time avoiding fanatical institutions.
  • Use an alternative instead traditional ways of currency transfer.
  • Protect your clients’ assets and manage them Specifically through crypto processes.

Here come electronic payments of a new generation of Evapay!

Evapay payment system is a decentralized payment system. Evapay is the system which combined positive sides of traditional payment systems and decentralized cryptocurrency. Due to the fact that all electronic payments are reordered in a blockchain, it is not difficult to check the status of any transaction at any time in any comfortable place. As soon as a financial transaction is confirmed by the network, a necessary sum of money is transferred to the wallet of a recipient. If the service is not available duet to some technical problems you have an opportunity to work directly with the contract and perform financial transactions on short notice. In addition to this, thanks to the decentralized approach and blockchain technology Evapay payments are completely secure.

Having worked in financial area for many years, Evapay team developed a simple and convenient system of electronic transactions which can help you to reach any purpose. Now digital money and e-payments are not a problem. With Evapay, transactions are performed faster than common electronic payments. Moreover, e-payments with Evapay are more beneficial than bank accounts and other digital money. Our payment system will give you a chance to deposit your account and withdraw a necessary sum of money quickly and cost-effectively from any place of the world at any time. Register in Evapay system and you will make sure in it yourself.

Multicurrency electronic payments

Thanks to Evapay it has become possible to deposit your account and pay for goods and services in the currency you prefer.

Transfers to any country of the world.

Now you can transfer any sum of money to other users using only an e-mail address.

Evapay payment system

Evapay is a payment system which gives its users an opportunity to make electronic payments and financial transactions on the Internet which means that our clients have unbelievable possibilities. The aim of Evapay is to take financial operations on a really high level combining all advantages of banking transactions, e-payments and transactions with cryptocurrency!

Evapay provides unique opportunities for both customers’ business and personal assets. Using Evapay system you can:

  • Arrange payments with other users
  • Receive both personal and business e-payments
  • Reliably keep your own assets on your account and receive payments
  • Make regular electronic payments
  • Conveniently pay for goods and service in online stores
  • Purchase bitcoins and other cryptocurrency.

Our team tries to provide customers a perfect service in each financial transaction performed by Evapay

Electronic payments through Evapay mean stability and total control

Evapay combines progressive methods and stability. From one side our system is based on the most modern and quickly developing Ethereum platform. On the other hand Plasma technology is used for providing the security of assents. We reach scaling by using Magic network for performing transactions. It makes a transaction nominally free. Thanks to this very platform all transactions become completely safe and transparent due to the fact that the block chain of Ethereum and Blockchain technology in general mean total security which corresponds to all international standards. If you have some doubts, Evapay opens an opportunity to follow your own account balance and stay relevant as for the changes in your financial condition.

You will get a total control of your own money in any time. Apart from that, a global business with reliable service has become a reality for our clients because they have a chance to send money around the world without agents easily and quickly. Lots of them have connected to Evapay their stores, and thanks to a simple API they have an opportunity to receive payments on the web-site easily and issue invoices. Others just enjoy their possibility to deposit accounts or withdraw money from any place of the world without additional expenses. The clients of Evapay do not pay commissions due to the exclusion of agents.

Digital money of Evapay is a complete security.

Evapay never requires our personal information in comparison to other payment systems which need your regular entering of personal information. All we need to know is your e-mail address and password in Evapay system. We take all possible measures to protect your personal and financial data. To do this, our team regularly keep track of transactions and pay attention to the verification of users. Two-step verification and secret questions provide more security while gaining access to your wallet.

Our main goal is to tackle the problems of existing payment systems and combine three main aspects online into an ultimate system. They are a banking system, cryptocurrency and e-payments.

We aim to provide our clients a modern model of working with e-currency offering the most convenient and quick solutions for financial independence. The specialists of Evapay are also aimed at providing Privacy Policy of clients’ data through simplicity of input and output, payments and transfer of money around the world with a minimum fee.