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B2C Wallet

  • Deposit-withdrawal of fiat-cryptocurrency
  • Acquiring
  • Fiat-cryptocurrency exchange

B2B Cabinet

  • Deposit-withdrawal of fiat-cryptocurrency
  • Fiat-cryptocurrency exchange
  • Money transfers / cryptocurrency transfers
  • Issuance and payment of INVOICES
  • Currency balances and movement statistics

Eva Invest

  • Bangle investment
  • Farming (staking)
  • Referral system for partners


Теперь вы можете получать платежи от клиентов Evapay со всего мира, включая платежи из более чем 200 стран. Evapay, благодаря интеграции протокола API с веб сервисом, производит массовые платежи по всему миру и выплачивает клиентам суммы, используя электронный кошелек или банковский счет, оформленный в любом банке.

Our clients are not bound by the limitations of interbank systems, as they have access to all the electronic payment services in the world. They can transfer money to their relatives and friends from any country in the world in any available currency. with a minimum commission. In addition, our customers can receive payments in any way possible. Payments in online stores can be convenient and accessible anywhere in the world.

Eva Stablecoin allows you to significantly save on payment fees, while protecting yourself from the volatility of the crypto market. Owning Eva Stablecoin allows you to receive additional income - interest income on deposits from farming.

Exchanging cryptocurrencies in any direction, while maintaining the level of confidentiality and security. Get the benefits of the best cryptocurrencies in the process of private and business payments.

The Evapay eWallet gives you the ability to create accounts and bills with just one simple tool. You can work more efficiently with a simplified accounting system. Your business will now be able to collect customer one-time and recurring payments more efficiently.

Managing personal finances, payroll, corporate finances is now easier than ever. You can multiply your assets along with the growth in the value of cryptocurrencies, through package investing (Bangle), with the help of profitable farming and deposits.


About us

Evapay is an all-in-one solution for organizing payments in the B2B and B2C sectors.

You can do more and be faster with us!

We offer
Crypto processing solutions for your business. Accept payments from customers in fiat, digital and cryptocurrencies.
No delays
Pay for goods and services in digital or cryptocurrency in one click. No more payment delays.
Any uses
Use our payment system even in areas where banks do not work. We help accept payments from clients in the betting and casino organizations sector.
Largescale coverage
Send money transfers in cryptocurrency to the most remote countries of the world where the banking system is poorly developed.
Single Wallet
Use Evapay's single multi-currency wallet to store and manage fiat currencies and digital assets.

Our capabilities

Evapay is a decentralized payment system that combines the positive aspects of traditional payment systems and a decentralized cryptocurrency.
  • Due to the fact that all electronic payments are reordered in the blockchain, it is not difficult to check the status of any transaction at any time in any convenient place.
  • Once the financial transaction is confirmed by the network, the required amount of money is transferred to the recipient's wallet.
  • If the service is not available due to some technical problems, you have the opportunity to work directly with the contract and make financial transactions in the shortest possible time.
  • In addition, thanks to the decentralized approach and Evapay blockchain technology, payments are completely safe.
Having worked in the financial industry for many years, the Evapay team has developed a simple and convenient electronic transaction system that can help you achieve any goal. Digital currency and electronic payments are no longer a problem.
With Evapay, the transactions are completed faster than regular electronic payments.
Payments with Evapay are more profitable than bank accounts and other digital currency.
An ability to quickly and economically replenish your account and withdraw the necessary amount of money from anywhere in the world at any time.
Register with Evapay
And you will see for yourself.

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Multicurrency (multifunctional) Electronic (or Blockchain) wallet from Evapay - Security, Simplicity and Efficiency.
Fast transfers without delays and overpayments

Now you have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently create invoices and track the receipt of funds in real time.

Customers who want to purchase a product or service will also find it absolutely easy to pay online.

Evapay is an effective tool for bookkeeping and all business transactions, especially if you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer.



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